The Gold Coast SUNS recruiting team sprung another surprise twist in Round 2 of the draft on Thursday night, trading up the order to get their man Jeremy Sharp.

The club rated Sharp, a dual All-Australian from WA, very highly and constructed a trade with Geelong to secure pick 27 which was used to select the talented midfielder.

The 18-year-old said he had an inkling his name wasn’t far away when he saw Gold Coast on the phones brokering a live trade. 

“I had a feeling that 27 might have been the number and then I saw Gold Coast making that deal and I said to the family I think this is going to be it,” Sharp told SUNS Media.

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“I felt like the SUNS were pretty genuine in the interviews and showed a fair bit of interest but I suppose I just didn’t know with the live-trading and everything.

“When I saw the phone calls happening I did have a feeling that could be me.

“When I heard my name get read out I was shocked, I suppose I was lost for words.

“It was just a big moment and I was pretty speechless and a bit emotional but it was a great moment.” 

That wasn’t the only surprise for the Sharp family that night – five minutes later their draft party was gate-crashed by none other than SUNS Senior CoachStuart Dew.

“He was just parked down the road and walked up when my name was called out,” Sharp explained.

“It was crazy – everyone was still crying and then Stuey came in.

“He double-rang the doorbell which was pretty funny.

“It was a complete shock.”

Sharp said he was stoked to become a SUN and the feeling was even better knowing the SUNS traded up the order specifically to select him. 

“It is pretty special showing that the club have put a lot of faith in me and I’ve got a lot of faith in the club now as well,” he said.

“I think with those sort of trades going towards a player, I feel like I need to repay them back now and I’m just keen to get into training.”

Sharp has already been made to feel welcome by his new club.

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“The whole team was really good – most of the boys have texted me, all the AFLW girls have texted me,” he said. 

“I was on a FaceTime call with Izak Rankine and Mally (Malcolm Rosas Jnr) as well so I think all the boys and girls are showing their support and I’m just rapt to be on the list now.

“I’m keen to get over there because the boys seem like a bunch of legends.”

The 18-year-old will begin pre-season training on Monday, although he’s not quite sure what to expect on his first day.

“I’ve been told by some of the boys on the list that it’s bloody hard,” Sharp said.

“I just want to go in there and give it a red-hot crack.

“Obviously it’s a fresh club and everyone’s around the same age group so I think we can all grow as one and all put our best foot forward.

“It’s a dream come true to be on an AFL list and I can’t thank the Gold Coast SUNS enough.”