As one of the youngest players on Gold Coast’s AFLW list, Charlotte Hammans knew she’d be challenged in her first year.

She was one of three players signed as a priority selection as a 17-year-old and has grown up playing her football on the coast, for Burleigh Bombers and now Bond University at senior level. 

Halfway through her first AFLW pre-season, Hammans is continuing to build on her new fitness base.

“It’s pretty much what I expected,” she told SUNS Media.

“I knew it was going to be hard coming into it and it’s pretty much lived up to that. 

“I think I’m coping with it pretty well but obviously I’m always sore.”

She’s gone from training two, maybe three times a week in her junior career to now spending almost every day at the club as Round 1 approaches. 

She says it took time to adjust to all the running and a higher workload but after a few weeks started to feel more comfortable.

“It’s the amount of training that all backs up on top of each other (which is challenging),” Hammans said. 

“I think everyone’s just improving on the little things, skills and technique stuff. 

“(My strengths are) my run and carry and my long kick.” 

The 18-year-old says the experience of some of her older teammates has been invaluable to learn from as she eyes off an AFLW debut this season.

“They’re just really good at getting us through the tough bits of training and giving us the motivation we need,” she said. 

“They’ve been through it before and they know what’s coming.

“I want to play Round 1 - that’s the main goal for the moment.” 

Hammans will have just under a month to push her case before Round 1 on February 8 against GWS.