If there’s one positive Hugh Greenwood can take out of the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s the fact that he gets to spend more time with his newborn son. 

Seven weeks ago Greenwood and his partner Kjiersten welcomed Titus J Greenwood into the world. 

While it’s not the ideal circumstances they would have liked to raise a child in, Greenwood told SUNS Media he had to look to the positives in an otherwise ordinary situation.

“It is a bit of a silver lining to these crazy times,” Greenwood said. 

“This is such a valuable time for Kjiersten and I as parents to bond with Titus and experience all of the first few months of his life.

“We’re still pinching ourselves, it’s so special to be a dad now and I still don’t think it’s really sunk in completely yet.” 

The pair have had a crash course in parenting while isolating together in their new Palm Beach home. 

With the health of Titus their number one priority, Hugh and Kjiersten have ensured they take all the necessary precautions to shield him from the global health issue.

“We’ve been very conscious to follow all the health directions from the experts,” Greenwood said.

“Having a newborn baby, it is on your mind that they could be at risk so we’ve done everything we can to make sure Titus is safe.” 

While they isolate, Greenwood still has an AFL training program to keep him occupied. 

“The club have been really good, led by Alex Rigby, to give us everything we need to keep in good condition while we’re away from the club,” he said.

“We train on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays doing running and gym.

“I bought a lot of gym equipment online so I’m still waiting for that arrive but I also took some stuff from the club to keep me going in the meantime.” 

It’s an unusual situation for the players with the season usually in full swing by now, but Greenwood has likened the scenario to that of a UFC fighter preparing for his next bout.

“I’m cautious of not wearing myself out with too much training,” he said.

“I think with not much going on you can fall into the trap of training too hard to keep yourself busy. 

“But we’ve got two months at least until we can play again so I think it’s good to build up again like a UFC fighter does in between fights. 

“We don’t know when the season is going to resume so we’ve got to be ready to go. 

“But everyone’s in the same boat and I think we all just want this thing to be over as soon as possible so we can get back to playing footy.”