Ann McFarlane is a new addition to the SUNS Membership family.

She works casually as a customer experience officer at Metricon Stadium and would often work at Gold Coast SUNS matches.

After living in Melbourne for many years, she always had an interest in football, but it wasn’t until Gold Coast secured the license for an AFLW team that she decided to sign up to a member.

A passionate advocate of women in sports, McFarlane said it was exciting to finally be able to pledge her support for a women’s AFL team.

“When the SUNS fielded an AFLW team I was delighted as at last I could become a member of a women’s football team,” McFarlane said.

“I also liked the idea of being a very tiny building block in a new venture.”

As for her first season as a member, McFarlane couldn’t be happier with how her team performed in its inaugural year. 

“The women were amazing in their first season,” she said.

“They showed their ever-emerging skills and above all grit and determination.  

“I thought their leadership was very good and we should all be proud.” 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has presented huge challenges for everyone, McFarlane was adamant she would continue to stick by her new SUNS family. 

“Not being able to attend games and yell at the television leaves a gap,” she said. 

“I do believe however that the passion for the game and their club will be as strong as ever. 

“I am pleased that I made the decision to become a member as I do get a sense of belonging and love that I now have a much better knowledge base of the football club.

“I will certainly continue my membership to aid the growth of the women’s game. 

“I want to make sure that young women of today have opportunities to reach their potential in their chosen field.”