After finishing third in Gold Coast’s Club Champion in 2019, Darcy Macpherson is set to play a different role on the field this season.

The 22-year-old played every game for the club last year in a predominately midfield role, but the influx of quality midfielders to the club over the off-season means Macpherson will have to relinquish some of his minutes in the engine room.

His versatility as a small forward means he can transition between the two roles, but since resuming training post-Covid he has been training exclusively with the forwards group.

“Obviously I started there in my career and I love that position,” Macpherson told SUNS Media.

“I think I’ll still be a forward and I’ll pinch-hit into the mids.

“It will just be a coaches call on whether I go into the midfield for extended periods of time.

“Obviously my craft and my work is to be done in the forward line putting pressure on the opposition so that’s where I’ll start off.”

There’s no doubting what Macpherson can do when released into the midfield.

Last season he averaged career-best numbers in the guts with 19 disposals and six tackles per game. 

But his flexibility will allow new recruits Hugh Greenwood and Brandon Ellis to enjoy some time in the midfield as well as first-year players such as Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson more time to develop. 

Adjusting to his change of role, Macpherson said his big focus for this season has been on improving his consistency as a best 22 player.

“Every training session and every game I want to be consistent throughout the whole year,” he said. 

“I’ll just keep working on the fundamentals and staying ready as ever. 

“It’s a long time coming but it will be good to get back out there against real opposition.”