Jaeger O’Meara will be available to take his place for the Gold Coast SUNS in Saturday’s match against Hawthorn after being cleared by the Match Review Panel on Monday.

The MRP assessed a contest between O’Meara and Geelong’s Allen Christensen as a non-reportable offence.

The panel found:

The ball was kicked to the wing area where Gold Coast’s Charlie Dixon and Geelong’s Jared Rivers were to contest the ball, with O’Meara and Christensen approaching the front of the contest from the other direction.

As the ball arrives, Rivers pushes Dixon while, simultaneously, O’Meara pushes Christensen as the pair in front of the marking contest await the ball. O’Meara has his eyes on the ball when he pushes his opponent and Dixon makes high contact with Christensen.

“It was the view of the panel that O’Meara was seeking to gain best position at ground level and his actions could not have foreseen Dixon also being pushed into a position where contact with Christensen would occur.

No further action was taken.