Click here to view the new jumpers and hear the song

The Gold Coast Football Club will be known as the Gold Coast SUNS.

The club’s nickname, jumper designs and theme song were launched tonight at a sold out event to celebrate the release of the final stage of the club’s identity as it prepares for its inaugural AFL season in 2011.

GCFC Chairman John Witheriff said the club had decided on a name that aligned with the club’s values, and was bold and fresh in a sporting industry that is dominated by tradition and years of history.

“Overwhelmingly the Gold Coast community wanted a nickname for its team that reflected our values, and it wanted a nickname that was symbolic of our home,” he said.

“The Gold Coast is a place where you feel alive and energised, so the SUNS is a fitting symbol that sets us apart from other teams.

“The sun is bold, it’s fresh, it’s dependable and it’s relentless. It can also be fierce and uncompromising - what other AFL teams will learn to respect about the Gold Coast SUNS.

”Witheriff said the club had never ruled out having a nickname and there was one clear winner out of the lengthy process to decide on a name.

“The Gold Coast SUNS reflects the spirit and values of where we come from – we are not just a football team, we are a community owned sporting club.”

The second key piece of the identity, and perhaps the most prominent, is the team’s AFL jumpers.
The Jumpers Red is the predominate colour of the club and will continue to be the colour of the home game jumper.

GCFC CEO Travis Auld said the current jumpers were always intended to be an interim strip and expected to evolve as the club moved towards its first season in the AFL.

“We wanted a jumper that has a sense of strength and universal appeal, was bold, fresh and simple and we wanted to build on our short history and tradition.” he said.

“The away and clash jumper owes its history to the place where we come from, with the building wave of our Gold Coast beaches.

“At home the club will be very much part of the Gold Coast, but when we go on the road, we want to take a piece of the Gold Coast with us into every game.”

Theme Song
The final piece of the puzzle was to create a song - a song the players and fans could sing loud and with pride.

Auld said there had been an overwhelming number of people who had sent in their songs over the past year.
“It has been amazing to hear the passion and interest people have had in the Gold Coast Football Club.”

“We would like to thank all the people that have made the effort. Interestingly the song we have chosen was one of the first songs to arrive,” he said.

‘The SUNS of the Gold Coast Sky’ embodies the spirit of the Gold Coast and it shows how proud we are to be part of this community of fearless competitors. It stirs emotion in our fans as we run out to compete and as we celebrate our victories.”

Click here to view the new jumper designs and hear the song.