The Gold Coast SUNS will officially launch its innovative new schools- based education program in 2021.

The program is currently being piloted in a small number of local Gold Coast Schools and will be rolled out in schools throughout Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern NSW in early in the new year.

Partnering with Gold Coast based educational technology company, Leaders of Evolution, the digital platform will provide students and teachers with the perfect collision of technology and education whilst also connecting them with their favourite SUNS AFL and AFLW superstars.

Gold Coast SUNS Chief Executive, Mark Evans said the partnership with Leaders of Evolution (LoE) is significant innovation for the club.

“Community connection and school engagement remain key pillars for our Club. Harnessing technology further empowers our AFL & AFLW players to inspire primary and secondary school students through interactive technology,” Evans said.

“The digital platform that we have developed for the program, in conjunction with Leaders of Evolution, will allow us to overcome some of the geographical challenges our broad footprint across Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern NSW provides whilst still helping to educate students. 

“We want to mean more to our community than just being a football club and this program will allow us to have a meaningful impact on the next generation.”

Gold Coast based Leaders of Evolution Co-founder, Jon Shepherd said “all of us in the education sector have a responsibility to equip young people with the life and career skills to be successful and the Gold Coast SUNS have identified they too can help people prepare for an ever evolving future. 

Global research indicates Millennials and Gen Z will make up 58% of the global workforce by 2028. We’re enthusiastic to partner with a club committed to future proofing the development of young people on the Gold Coast and across Queensland harnessing our customised EdTech approach.”

The new program will be the first release for the portal which provides authentic learning opportunities for Grade 5/6 students to develop their self-awareness and character-building skills, with insights and advice from AFL and AFLW players. 

This unique approach is a long term strategy to embed the Gold Coast SUNS as a pillar of the local communities, whilst ensuring the club can positively impact the lives of adults and young people alike.

Further details on the course will be released in the coming months, however 42 classes of Grade 5/6 students in the Gold Coast/Northern NSW region have already signed up for the program.