SUNS Key Forward Ben King has thrown his weight behind the team’s expectations for 2021 after a big off-season for the third year SUN.

The highly anticipated King has focussed his early years in the competition on adding not only muscle to match it with the competitions best defenders but also honing his forward craft.

King spoke about his body transformation in recent years.

“It’s definitely been the main focus for me probably even before the draft and over the last couple of years,” King said.

“Trying to put on muscle but also at the same time there is a lot of forward craft that comes with that and improving that as well.

“Having a high football IQ and knowing the game really well is just as important, trying to partner them up with putting on the size has been the challenge I’ve been working on.”

“I started my AFL career in the 87kg bracket and then played last season at about 90kg/91kg and this pre-season I’m up to about 95kg.

“As a key forward I’d like to be up around 100kg when I’m at my peak, but also I’m keen to maintain my speed of movement.”

King also touched on the bond the forward group at the SUNS had developed in recent years and how that would only help as they approached their third season playing together.

“I think we really are, Secco (Alex Sexton) and Daisy (Sam Day) are the senior players in our group of forwards.”

“Every year that we get to train together and play together we keep building and improving that synergy.

“Knowing when we’re going to block for each other, where each other are going to run and which lanes were running into is important when the ball is coming into the forward 50.

“Against Brisbane in the AAMI Community Series I thought we looked really lively and hopefully are building towards a great year as a forward group.”

Full of anticipation for the 2021 AFL Premiership Season, King provided his thoughts on what members and fans can expect from the team.

“We’ve had a good three-year block since Stuey came in and we’ve made a lot of changes.”

“We’ll always be chasing improvement and trying to get better and if we keep doing that, put our heads down and work hard, there is definitely no ceiling on what this year can look like for the SUNS.”

“In the practice match it was good being able to see both ends of the spectrum.”

“What it looks like when we play well and what it looks like when we come out and don’t do what we want to do.

“I think that’s a positive for us leading into Round 1 and hopefully now we can work focus on making sure we execute that for an entire game.