SUNS AFLW Head Coach David Lake has reflected on his time with the club after announcing his decision to step down at the AFLW Club Champion event on Sunday.

Lake guided the club through its two AFLW seasons and was the first SUNS coach to take a team to finals.

In his address to players, partners and staff on Sunday, Lake said it was time to step aside as the demands of the job continued to grow.

“I realise in me that it takes a lot of time to do the job,” Lake said.

“It’s tough from my point of view trying to run a business, be a part of a family and coaching footy is a difficult thing to do.

“As it gets closer to a full-time role… it pains me a lot to step down, I wish nothing more than to be able to fit that in my life but I know it’s something I can’t do any longer.

“What I do know is if I step sideways and I let somebody else through then you get the full part of that person.”

Lake also thanked those who had impacted him in his time in the role.

“I’d like to thank my wife Natalie, my boys Josh, Sam, Jack and Rory and my daughter Eliza for allowing me to live my dream.

“To my boys – thank you for running the business while I got to come here and do what I want to do – but I can’t keep stealing from them.

“I thank Fi (Fiona McLarty) for backing me in - she had the patience to teach me and make me better, right until the very end and I thank her for that.

“I’ll be forever grateful to her for making me a better person.

“Thank you to the management of the Gold Coast SUNS for the opportunity and the support and the friendships that I’ve been lucky enough to get in the journey as well.”

Lake said he would enjoy nothing more than to watch the club continue to develop from afar.

“I want to see our players and the program grow,” he said.

“I believe in what we’ve built and I think we’re on a great journey with a great group of people.

“Now I’ll go back to being David.”

Thank you Lakey for your contributions to the Gold Coast SUNS.