For the second year in a row the Gold Coast SUNS have smashed the club’s membership record.

At today’s weekly press conference there was no person prouder and more appreciative of the club’s membership base than Senior Coach Stuart Dew.

“It’s pretty special and I think we saw everyone’s commitment last year, under difficult circumstances for everyone financially and emotionally,” Dew said.

“Where were they going to put their investment and people stuck by us and then lifted again this season, it’s greatly appreciated by everyone at the club.

“As a club, I guess we are always looking for more of ourselves and everyone and they're holding up their end of the bargain.”

The Senior Coach used some wise words from Chairman, Tony Cochrane as the club strives to break the 20,000-member mark.

“We want to push to 20,000 now don’t we, so as Tony Cochrane says, “Oliver, he always wants more” so I think we need to take that on board.”

“As I said, it's raising the bar.

“Which is what we're trying to do, when you're a young club, you need to raise the bar.”

Something that seemed a stretch target for the club in years gone past Dew was keen for the club to continue to chase improvement. 

“If you stay still then everyone's going to move past you, so on and off the field we just need to keep striving.”

“Then when we get to that target that will then reset the bar.

“The membership one's a good one, rather than wait till we get there to reset it, well let's go again while we're in the moment.”