Following Saturday afternoon’s 19-point victory, Senior Coach Stuart Dew was quick to recognise the collective effort of everyone involved with the football club.

After a 97- point loss to Melbourne in Round 20, Dew and his coaching staff narrowed the focus of the players leading into the Round 21 fixture, as the SUNS looked to reinforce some of the consistent football they had played in the month prior.

 “I think it's just reward for hard work and having some character,” Dew said.

“I’m actually just proud of the players, that’s the overwhelming feeling I guess and personally just pride in this club and the players and staff.”

After a stirring victory over the Blues, Dew gathered all staff to join the players in singing the team song.

“The way that last week happened, we asked a lot of our staff and players.”

“Particularly when, I think, a lot of people may have got an hour at home to pack and leave, some people got 15 minutes to get home and see their families.

“Obviously in the back of their mind though we're aware that this could be for the rest of the season.

“It's not an every week thing, but just for the moment, it just felt right.”

When asked about the Round 21 Austworld Player of the Round Wil Powell’s performance Dew acknowledged the immense pressure that had at times been placed on the club’s defensive six or seven players.

“Powelly has been really consistent for us all year.”

“They've been under the pump down there in the backline but they've been really stable.

“They support each other well and Powelly leads the way there, he’s so courageous.”

Dew said that his late goal of the year contender was no fluke.

“Funnily enough, I mentioned the boys after the game that we were trying to slow the game down a little bit at the end there.”

“So I wasn't sure about the shot at goal but I can confirm that he does practice those a fair bit, and pleasingly for him, it came off today.

“We love the way Powelly goes about his footy, he’s a great Gold Coast SUN.”

The SUNS will now turn their attention to Essendon in Round 22, with a date, time and venue still to be confirmed by the AFL.