The Gold Coast SUNS recorded the club’s seventh win of the season on the weekend and it was due in large part to the efforts of the group as a whole rather than individuals according to SUNS assistant coach Tim Clarke. 

The SUNS played a consistent four-quarter effort with contributors in all areas of the ground, something Clarke says is necessary to give the team its best chance to win each week.

“We did have weight of numbers this week, there was a lot of guys who played a solid performance and it was good to do that against Carlton,” Clarke said in the Plungie Coaches Chat.

“When we play our best footy we’re really competitive in the contest and that’s defensively and offensively which really creates momentum for our team.

“I thought the midfield was fantastic in giving us good use on the back of their contest work so we were pleased with that.

“The defence defended well all night and because we got good supply of our midfield the forwards were able to benefit from either shots on goal or helping set them up.”

The SUNS have been based in Melbourne for close to two weeks now, and while it’s been challenging for those with family back home, Clarke said everyone was embracing the situation at hand.

“We’re very privileged to be able to continue playing,” Clarke said.

“I know there’s lots of talk about being in lockdown and being in Melbourne and not being able to move or travel.

“We’re in a hotel with 40 players, 20 staff and we’ve got really good support from the football club and each other.

“It’s a little bit hard for some of the players and staff to be away from families but we’re making the most of it and it’s a good opportunity to get to know each other better and understand how each person operates.

“We’re lucky that we still can train during the day, we still have the ability to get out for a couple of hours.

“We’ve still got two games to be able to finish the season really well and set up a solid pre-season for a launch into next year.”

Next on the schedule is a match against the Bombers which has been fixtured for Sunday at 3:20pm.

Clarke said the Bombers were a potent team when allowed the game on their terms.

“When you watch Essendon play they’re very good around the contest and they move the ball very well on the back of that,” he said.

“If they can win the ball like they did and not be defended their forwards are going to get easy supply.

“So we’re going to look to match them in the  contest and defend really hard and hopefully that sets up some good opportunities for us to attack the other way.”

The SUNS will face Essendon at 3.20pm this Sunday afternoon at GMHBA Stadium.