SUNS midfielder Alison Drennan has taken the honours in the club’s first two-kilometre time trial as the AFLW team ramps up its pre-season training.

Drennan ran a blistering sub-seven-minute time in what was one of many personal bests on the day.

Last year’s time trial winner Lucy Single wasn’t far behind in second, followed closely by Bess Keaney and Cheyenne Hammond.

New recruit Shannon Danckert proved her capabilities as a hard-running midfielder, rounding out the top five. reporter and running coach Michael Whiting joined the group for the time trial, running with Drennan to push her towards her PB.

“It was pretty exciting, it was the first time I’ve done it with the SUNS and all the girls worked so hard, I was super impressed with how much they dug in,” Whiting said.

“They were real supportive of each other and I thought they did fantastic.

“Alison Drennan was incredible, I ran with her most of the way and she was unbelievable.

“Lucy Single was really good, she attacked it and Bess Keaney too, her and Lucy were really close at the finish.”

Since coming in as new AFLW Head Coach, Cameron Joyce has had a focus on running and fitness which has already started to show dividends after the successful results from the time trial.

This first 2km time trial provides a benchmark for the players to measure themselves against when they run another later in the pre-season.