GC SUNS midfielder Shannon Danckert has shared in a special moment for a young SUNS fan at Metricon Stadium on Friday morning. 

Twelve-year-old Jackson Kirkham experiences the challenges living with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and has always had a passion for sport, specifically AFL, and the Gold Coast SUNS.

Without access to a sports wheelchair, Jackson has struggled to live his AFL dreams and fulfil his potential in the sport.

On Friday morning, Danckert was on hand alongside representatives from Variety – The Children’s Charity and one of its major supporters, Keystone Private, to present Jackson with a brand-new wheelchair, fitted with the manoeuvrability and safety features to allow Jackson to follow his sporting dreams.

Danckert was thrilled to be part of the special moment.

“As someone who has worked alongside people with cerebral palsy, I find this unreal that he is able to participate in sports and be involved in the community,” Danckert said.

“We know we’ve got Jackson in our corner in every game we play and for him to have the opportunity to keep playing the sports he loves is just fantastic.

“What a role model he is to inspire others to be active and make social connections.

“Hopefully one day soon we’ll get the chance to see him in action on the court in SUNS colours.”

 Variety – the Children’s Charity Head of Fundraising & Marketing Matthew Lang thanked the support of all involved in allowing Jackson the ability to pursue his dreams.

“Everything we do at Variety is for the kids and to help kids reach their potential,” Lang said.

“We can’t do the work we do without the help of amazing supporters, including folks like the Gold Coast SUNS and AFL Queensland as well.”