October 25 officially marks one year since the Gold Coast SUNS and Kool Beanz Academy turned soil on the brand new childcare facility in the Metricon Stadium precinct.

One year on, the Kool Beanz SUNS centre, which promises to pioneer a new model for integrated childcare, is just months away from completion.

With the foundations of the facility in place and 80% of the build complete, the finishing touches of the project will include the installation of a 12-metre giant football over the entrance.


The unique partnership between the SUNS, Kool Beanz and Autism Queensland will see the 185-space, state of the art childcare facility cater for 22 children requiring extra support needs.

GC SUNS number one ticket holder and Kool Beanz Academy owner-operator Bruce Coulson said the Kool Beanz SUNS centre would provide an opportunity for families to access evidence-informed early childhood assessment and therapy services.

“Our point of difference to other childcare organisations is the ability to access these services on-site, meaning families have everything they need right here,” Coulson said.

“Being able to support these Gold Coast families by offering something that isn’t currently available will help them and their children now and into the future.

“We provide an opportunity for your child to receive additional support through higher child-to-staff ratios and our educators are specifically trained with the skills to help educate children with diverse needs in an inclusive environment.

“We are here to make a difference in the lives of all the children in our care, giving them as much support as we can to prepare them for their futures.”

Due to open its doors at the end of the year, the 13,000sqm Kool Beanz SUNS centre boasts 12 classrooms, ancillary facilities as well as an art room, library, LEGO room and STEM room.

The inclusive outdoor space is focused on nature, with a swing forest, fairies creek, climbing net and Old MacDonald’s Farm presenting an ever-changing and free-flowing environment that stimulates all the senses.

“Over the next few weeks we will see over 1400 shrubs and trees planted, with the fully grown trees providing natural shade for the children in over an acre of yard space,” Coulson said.

“The walk-through aviary, running creek, mini oval and vegetable gardens all form a unique outdoor environment designed to support our sustainability program.”

Enrolments for the new cutting-edge facility are open now, visit the Kool Beanz Academy website for more information.