The wait has been long, but the joy is immeasurable as we open Kool Beanz SUNS Harrup Park to the Mackay community

- Kool Beanz owner Bruce Coulson

Kool Beanz SUNS Harrup Park is officially open with the new state-of-the-art childcare centre at in Mackay opening its doors this week.

Kool Beanz SUNS Harrup Park houses an all-inclusive environment and is the second of its kind following in the footsteps of the facility adjacent to Heritage Bank Stadium at Carrara which was opened early in 2023.

The unique and inclusive centre, the first of four planned for the region, revolutionises childcare in Mackay with purpose specific learning environments such as an Art Studio, STEM Room, Library, Lego Room, Zen Garden and natural play spaces available for up to 94 children accommodated at the centre per day.

Gold Coast SUNS number one ticket holder and Kool Beanz owner Bruce Coulson says it’s a rewarding experience to provide such an important community asset to the Mackay region.

“The wait has been long, but the joy is immeasurable as we open Kool Beanz SUNS Harrup Park to the Mackay community. We appreciate the patience, and we're ready to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families in the region,” Coulson said.

“It's remarkable to witness the high demand for spaces at Kool Beanz SUNS Harrup Park even before our official opening. This demonstrates the pressing need for reliable and inclusive childcare services in Mackay, and we are committed to meeting this demand with open arms.

“Seeing the rapid demand for enrolment at Kool Beanz SUNS Harrup Park reinforces the importance of our presence in Mackay. The community is eager for a childcare centre that goes beyond the ordinary, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every child finds a place to thrive in our exceptional learning environment. 

“Opening Kool Beanz SUNS Harrup Park isn't just business; it's a commitment to Mackay's families, addressing the crucial need for quality childcare with a focus on all-inclusive development. 

Coulson eagerly anticipates the community's growing confidence as plans are unveiled for two more centres, solidifying the dedication to the region's early childhood education. 

“I believe in the transformative power of quality childcare, and with the remarkable team we have in place at Kool Beanz SUNS Harrup Park, we're not just meeting standards; we're setting new ones.”

  GC SUNS Chief Executive Mark Evans says it’s an exciting day to see the Kool Beanz SUNS venture expand into the Mackay region.

“It’s fantastic to officially open the new Kool Beanz SUNS facility at Harrup Park, which will transform childcare services for the Mackay region, as it has on the Gold Coast,” Evans said.

“This relationship between Kool Beanz and the Gold Coast SUNS really is one-of-a-kind. We want to have a lasting impact on the community beyond football, not only on the Gold Coast but across Queensland.”

“We have seen the incredible demand for the unique and inclusive childcare services provided by Kool Beanz SUNS at the facility at Heritage Bank Stadium and we are thrilled to again be playing our part in bringing that experience to Mackay.”

Mackay Regional Council Director Planning, Growth and Sustainability Aletta Nugent says it is exciting to be celebrating the official opening of this wonderful facility.

She said council was proud it had helped facilitate the much-needed development, which had been well received by Mackay families.“We’ve had a partnership with the SUNS since 2019 and through that we helped introduce Kool Beanz owner Bruce Coulson to the Mackay region and the business opportunities it presented,” Nugent said.“Our Facilitating Development in the Mackay Region Policy also provided development incentives for this project.”