With less than 150km remaining on the 571st day of his Tim Runs The World journey, SUNS players had the chance to take inspiration with Franklin joining in at Tuesday’s training session.

“I’m 26,100km into my journey around the world and I was very kindly invited this morning to the SUNS to meet the boys… why not take the opportunity to spread the message that I’ve been spreading throughout the run,” Franklin said.

“[The inspiration behind the run was] I just wanted the world to start moving again… what better way to show that the world can move than to run around it.”

Franklin also addressed the group on the importance of teamwork, which has been key on his run that has stretched across five continents before joining SUNS players for a light run around the Austworld Centre Oval.

"I think that’s the fastest 400m I’ve run in about six months. I also kicked a footy too… I’m genuinely concerned about the hamstrings now,” Franklin added.

Franklin is due to finish his journey, and become just the second Australian to do so, on Sunday in Brisbane.

“If people want to follow me, jump on @timmyrfranklin on Instagram or timrunstheworld.com, or come and join me on the run home.”