The annual Connect 2 Home event aims to provide immediate relief for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the Gold Coast community, and will be hosted at People First Stadium for the 10th time on August 7.

The Gold Coast community is facing escalating challenges in securing safe and affordable housing, exacerbated by rising rental prices and unprecedented interest rate hikes.

Coupled with the mounting cost of living, these pressures are straining local residents, compelling many to seek assistance from charitable organisations from whom they have never sought support before.

In response to this need, the Gold Coast Homelessness Network is calling on the community to take part in this year’s donation drive by providing non-perishable food items, food vouchers, clothing and toiletries at designated collections points across the region.

The Gold Coast SUNS will once again act as a donation point, with members of the community able to drop their donations to the Austworld Centre reception.

“The Gold Coast has seen sustained increases in the price of living, especially around the cost of housing,” Gold Coast Homelessness Network chairperson Maria Leebeek said.

“These pressures have placed great burdens on our community where people are struggling to pay rent, mortgages, bills, and keep food on the table.

“The Connect 2 Home event aims not only to provide immediate relief through essentials like breakfast, hot lunch, and groceries but also crucially connects individuals with ongoing support services throughout the year.

“We urge our community to contribute items that can make a tangible difference in the lives of doing it tough in the lead-up to August 7th.”

GC SUNS Chief Executive Mark Evans said the club was proud to play a key role in providing the venue and support for the annual Connect 2 Home event.

“We’re delighted because People First Stadium is a wonderful community asset and we should hand it over to do great community things whenever we can,” Evans said.

“We know that people are doing it tough and financial stress can lead to accommodation stress.
“To all the volunteers and services who provide support for people doing it tough, our hat goes off to you for your continued work.

“I call on everyone, if you can donate something, please do. It could be clothing, non-perishable items, toiletries, blankets, coats or anything you don’t need.”

Donations can be made at various locations including the Austworld Centre, Gold Coast City Community Centres and Libraries, People First Bank Branches and People First Stadium on matchdays.

Click here for more information on donation points.