Based at Southport, the state-of-the-art facility is a boutique version of the inaugural Kool Beanz SUNS centre situated adjacent to People First Stadium, which opened in March 2023.

It’s the third centre of its kind alongside the recently opened facility at Harrup Park in Mackay.

The centre’s elements are all conducive to learning, with students having the opportunity to develop their skills in a vegetable garden, dedicated art room, library and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) room, with an outdoor environment focused on natural elements.

Kool Beanz SUNS founder and GC SUNS number one ticket holder Bruce Coulson is thrilled to be continuing Kool Beanz SUNS’ mission to transform childcare in Queensland.

“The greatest thing about these centres is we’re building momentum through the Kool Beanz and SUNS brands in a non-AFL dominant region,” Coulson said.

"If you want your child to attend a centre that has amazing educators, an amazing learning program and you want your child to go to school more than ready, we are definitely the place to go. 

“I challenge anyone in childcare to say they do everything we have here at Kool Beanz SUNS, because we’re market leaders in what we do.”

The new centre prides itself on creating a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere for its students, whilst fostering their development and preparing them for their educational journey.

Whilst exploring the new Kool Beanz centre on Wednesday morning, GC SUNS AFLW player Vivien Saad was blown away by its facilities.

“It’s an incredible centre. If I was a kid, this is the place I would want to be,” Saad said.

“I’ve got little nephews and cousins that have children and this is somewhere I would love to see them thrive and grow.

“Seeing kids running around in SUNS guernseys, and having the opportunity to be a role model for them… it’s something that’s really wholesome to be part of.”

Coulson added that renovations are currently underway for a second specialist centre, situated next to the new Southport facility.

The centre will include purpose-built environments to support early intervention and supportive care for neurodivergent children, including autism.

“Our centre will feature dedicated rooms for therapists, such as occupational and speech therapists, to provide services on site,” Coulson added.

“This will mean that children can receive essential therapies without leaving our centre and minimise disruptions to their days.

“We need to be a one-stop shop where children are getting the world’s best education, and then we’re also ensuring we can provide specialist services to those children who need it as well.”

Kool Beanz SUNS Southport occupancy is filling fast. To enquire or book a tour of the facility, visit