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Weller surprised by podium finish

Club Champion 2018: Weller Interview SUNS TV spoke to Lachie Weller after he was awarded 3rd place at the 2018 SUNS Club Champion night.
I can’t wait for the future and I strive to be like Jarrod Harbrow and be a life member of this club
Lachie Weller

When he first crossed over to the Gold Coast from Fremantle almost 12 months ago, not many would have predicted Lachie Weller to finish third in the Club Champion award for 2018.

The least assuming of all was Weller himself, who after a solid first season at his new club wasn’t even entertaining the idea of receiving such an accolade. 

So when his name was read out on Saturday night, as the third best and fairest player at the SUNS this season, Weller was astonished.

“It definitely was (a surprise),” the 22-year-old told SUNS TV after the announcement.

“I didn’t know what to expect coming into the night but really humbled and honoured to receive third.”

As the vote count wore on, Weller’s name was mentioned more often and he started to slowly creep up the leaderboard.

He finished on 336 votes, coming home strongly by polling more than any other Gold Coast player, including winner Jarrod Harbow and runner-up Touk Miller, in the period from rounds 10 to 23.

“I was starting to get a little nervous, I was starting to think I need to think of a speech now,” Weller said as he saw his stocks rising.

“The more games I played with the boys and the more games I played under Stuey, definitely at the end of the year I felt more comfortable so I guess my form showed that.

“It was really nice, like I said it’s really humbling.”

In his speech to the room, Weller praised the environment his teammates and coach Stuart Dew were able to create in his first year, even going as far as to refer to Dew as a father figure at the club.

“I love playing under him (Dew), his door’s always open,” Weller said.

“He’s always open to speak and he’s always there for not only me but all the boys, he just really lives those values that we set as a club.”

Weller also paid tribute to his family and partner, as well as Club Champion Jarrod Harbrow.

“I can’t wait for the future and I strive to be like Jarrod Harbrow and be a life member of this club,” Weller said.

“I want to stick around for a long time.”

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Despite having time off until November, Weller has already set his sights on where he can improve in 2019. 

“I want to really take my fitness to the next level and really be an elite wingman of the competition,” Weller said.

“That’s what I’m striving for and we’ve got a really big off-season coming up and pre-season as well. 

“Obviously the success on the field wasn’t where we want it to be but off the field I’m really enjoying my footy and love playing for the club.”