Nickname: Two-Metre

Any pre-game superstitions or routines: No

Greatest individual effort you have seen on the footy field: Nick Davis in the 2015 semi-final

A player from another team you would love to play with: Buddy Franklin

Best rule in footy: No third man up

And the worst: Deliberate out of bounds

How many games do you watch each weekend: 4-5

Favourite TV football show: AFL 360

Favourite commentator: Brian Taylor – Roaming Brian

Favourite meal the night before a game: Pasta

Which teammate should appear on The Bachelor: Nick Holman

Teammate most likely to succeed after football: Tom Nicholls

Which teammate belts out your club theme song with the most gusto: Brayden Crossley

Favourite Netflix series: Animal Kingdom
Apple Music or Spotify: Spotify

Do you play Fortnite: No

Favourite comedian: Kevin Hart

Favourite possession: Bed

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery: Private Jet

Favourite holiday destination: USA

The most famous person you have met: Callum Ah Chee - Singer

The most famous person you would like to meet: LeBron James

Dream place to live: New York

The funniest/weirdest thing that has happened to you: Jack Bowes paying for lunch

What scares you the most: Heights