Re-appointed on Friday night as co-captain of the AFL side for his second season, David Swallow is looking back to 2019 for guidance.

Last season was Swallow’s first at the helm alongside fellow co-captain Jarrod Witts, and the 27-year-old said it was a year of learning.

“It’s quite humbling (to be reappointed) and to do it again with Witta is quite special,” Swallow told SUNS Media.

“Leading a group can be challenging at times but certainly rewarding. 

“I’ve loved trying to develop some of the younger players and help set the culture for the footy club moving forward.

“It’s something that I’m really proud to do.” 

He’s wiser after a year in charge and this season Swallow wants to develop his leadership even further.

“I just want to keep building on my strengths,” he said. 

“I guess I was appointed for a reason so I just want to keep working towards those things. 

“There’s certain areas that I want to work on so I’ll continue to do that but I certainly have a lot of support from the group.”

Swallow praised Witts’ contribution to the role and believes his friend’s leadership has also prospered in the top job. 

“(Jarrod’s) leadership has grown enormously from when he first came to the footy club to where he is now,” Swallow said. 

“The guys look to him as being the big physical presence that he is on field but certainly the way he conducts himself around the club and within meetings is certainly someone of great character. 

“He’s very deserving to be skipper.” 

The SUNS’ AFL program has ramped up with match simulation in recent weeks with an eye on the approaching pre-season matches later in February.