It may be his 50th AFL match, but SUNS tough nut Nick Holman isn’t going to let that affect his mentality heading into a crunch match against Sydney on Saturday afternoon.

Holman knows it’s a crucial match for the SUNS to win, and said he was prepared for what he predicts will be a tough slog. 

“I feel good, the body feels good and the boys have come off a couple of losses so I think we’re ready to hit some bodies and win,” Holman said.

“We’re just expecting Sydney’s best, they’ll bring their contested game and we have to match that. 

“That’s our strength as well so if we bring our best we know we can beat them.

“The competition’s so close now and everyone’s playing really good footy so you need to bring your best every week if you want to win.”

He could be forgiven for taking some time to celebrate the milestone match, but that’s not Holman’s style.

As is typical of the way he plays his football, Holman only has eyes for what he can do to impact the game for his teammates. 

“We just want to put maximum pressure on,” he said.

“When we do that as a forward line group we’ve got the results and we can drive the other lines by bringing that pressure. 

“We’re starting to play some really good footy but as we’ve seen the last two weeks we’ve taken a couple of losses so we need to get back to what made us win the first couple.

“We really need this win to get in the eight.” 

Off the field, Holman is having just as big an impact, currently leading the players in an internal membership drive competition. 

The challenge is to sign up the most amount of members to help the club break its all-time membership record, and Holman was grateful for all the support he’s received.

“We’re stoked with all the support from the members,” he said. 

“It really means a lot and we’re close to breaking that record.

“I think we’re really building something at the club and hopefully we can get a lot more members to jump on board.” 

Click here to sign up as a member and help the club break its record originally set in 2011.