Gold Coast’s reserves had another strong outing on the weekend up against Brisbane’s reserves.

Assistant Coach Tim Clarke has given his appraisal of Gold Coast’s players’ performances below.

Will Brodie:
Will impacted the game well playing a mix of midfield and forward. He had nine score involvements and looked very dangerous when playing in our forward line. Will is usually very strong at stoppages but was beaten this week inside so will look to focus on this Thursday against the Dogs.

Chris Burgess:
Chris continues to compete really well as a key defender. He was strong defensively and was able to neutralise a number of Brisbane’s forward 50 entries with his spoiling. Chris is doing well with the defensive side of his game.

Matt Conroy:
Matt was our number one ruck for the third week in a row and had a good battle with Brisbane’s Archie Smith. Matt’s follow-up work around stoppages is a real asset to his game but he needs to be more consistent with this during games. He’s had a good block of time playing in the ruck the last few weeks and is taking steps with his development. 

Jacob Dawson:
Jacob was very strong as a small defender and provided a great contest for Brisbane’s small forwards. Offensively he used the ball well and made good decisions going forward to put pressure on Brisbane’s defence. 

Corey Ellis:
Corey split his time this week between midfield and defence. He had an excellent impact at ground level and around stoppages and played his role defensively. On offence he had his best game for the year, using the ball well and making good decisions to take the game on. 

Jy Farrar:
Jy didn’t hit the scoreboard as much this week as a small forward but his leading patterns continue to improve and he is providing good options for our players up the ground. Defensively Jy continues to apply great pressure which is a great strength of his game.

Jacob Heron:
Jacob played both on the wing and as an inside midfielder on the weekend. He improved his offensive impact this week and it was great to see him use his speed and run and carry effectively. He also used the ball better when he had it which is a big improvement on last week. 

Jack Hombsch:
Hommer is playing very confident football at the moment and is very hard to beat as a key defender. He has great defensive positioning and knows when to come off his man and help his teammates out. There were a couple of examples where he showed outstanding courage to go back with the flight and provide an excellent contest. Offensively he also had a big impact in building the play out of defence so overall it was a great game from Jack.

Jesse Joyce:
Jesse played a combination of defence and wing on the weekend and had a good offensive impact on the game. He consistently looks to go forward when he ha        s the ball in the backline which is great to see. Defending hard in our defensive half will remain a strong focus for Jesse this week. 

Jez McLennan:
Jez defended well this week and won some critical aerial balls off the back of his proactive positioning. He’s been working on the offensive side of his game and showed improvement on the weekend with a lot more urgency to get the ball in his hands.

Anthony Miles:
Milesy played a combination of midfield and forward and brought his trademark toughness around stoppages. He impacted the game well in the middle of the ground to drive the ball forward, having an involvement in seven scores.

Patrick Murtagh:
Patty started the game really well but was quiet after quarter time. He’s still developing his forward craft, with a focus on his body positioning in marking contests. He looked much better leading up at the football into open space.

Hewago “Ace” Paul Oea:
Ace provided a real spark for us on offence with willingness to lead at the kicker and a strong work rate to get to the contest. He continues to play with AFL speed but just needs to have a bit more composure with ball in hand. Defensively he was very good this week which was pleasing to see.

Malcolm Rosas Jnr:
Mally was very dynamic as a small forward and was dangerous all game with four goals. He showed his speed with ball in hand looked lively when the ball was in his area. He was ok defensively but has some more work to do in this area.

Josh Schoenfeld:
Schoey played a much more dynamic game this week after being kept quiet last week. His defensive pressure was back to his high standards and he showed his trademark workrate throughout the match. He worked into space well to gather uncontested marks and handball receives which was extremely pleasing to see.