On the back of Metricon Stadium hosting the Big Day Out last weekend, the Zircus rolled into the Gold Coast SUNS headquarters yesterday with David Swallow and Luke Russell joining members of Zircus – An Entertainment Spectacular

As expected, the acrobatic demonstration was nothing short of entertaining, as the midfield dynamos attempted to pull off the jaw-dropping skills that have attracted international audiences to experience the wonderful world of Zircus. 

Instructed by the Romanian acrobatic Adagio trio, the players did their best to master the basics, taking turns to perform assisted headstands with the various performers. 

Despite displaying controlled balance at the base, Swallow conceded it was a difficult task to complete. 

 “It certainly wasn’t easy.

“You don’t realise how hard it is until you’re trying to uphold their body weight, whilst balancing your own, but it was great to be able to give it a try,” he told goldcoastfc.com.au.

Russell echoed the same sentiments.

“Yeah it was pretty interesting, the guys are pretty strong and I tried to help them out but I don’t think they were very confident with me,” Russell said.

However, the tables were turned soon enough, with the boys seizing the opportunity to show their skills with the Sherrin. 

Taking equally as long to learn the art of the handball and drop punt, the Zircus performers were then given an exclusive tour of the Metricon Stadium facilities. 

For more information on the show, visit www.zircus.com.au