The SUNS Reserves played out a scratch match against the Western Bulldogs on the weekend in the Metricon Stadium precinct.

After allowing the Dogs to get off to a quick start, the SUNS showed strong resilience and character to fight back into the match, but couldn’t capitalise on their scoring shots.

SUNS Assistant Coach Tim Clarke has given his appraisal on the performance of Gold Coast’s players.


Corey Ellis:
Corey played down back for us and performed his role. He helped set us up defensively and used the ball well when he had it. We just need Corey winning more possessions to impact the game more. 

Anthony Miles:
Milesy played the whole game in the midfield for us and was his usual consistent self. He was solid around the contest and found plenty of the ball. He won some crucial clearances for us to keep the ball moving forward. 

Jack Hombsch:
Hommer did well to lead our defensive group as he always does and set us up well behind the ball. He was inconsistent in the contest though and allowed some easy Bulldogs marks inside 50. Offensively he made good decisions with ball in hand.

Jordan Murdoch:
Murds played on the wing most of the game. He was able to use his run and carry to get involved in offence and managed to hit the scoreboard which was pleasing to see. 

Zac Smith:
Zac played most of the game in the ruck for us and was excellent with his ruck craft giving our midfielders first use. He was also good around the ground and had one of his better games in the contest. His ability to reach a number of contests and impact them was a highlight of his game.

George Horlin-Smith:
George played a mixture of forward and wing on the weekend in what was his second game back from injury. He was solid around the contest and provided some experience and leadership for the younger guys in the team. This was a good game for George to build confidence for the remainder of the year.

Josh Schoenfeld:
It was Schoey’s first game back from a foot injury and he was back to his usual level which was pleasing to see. He had a good involvement in the contest which helped him connect with our forward line. His run and carry was also a feature which saw him have five score involvements.

Jeremy Sharp:
Sharpy played wing all game but had a quiet game by his standards. He needs to find some more of the football to be able to utilise his run and carry which is one of his biggest weapons.

Jesse Joyce:
Joycey didn’t have the same impact as he usually would and needs to defend harder inside our defensive 50. However he still made some good decisions with the ball and helped launch a number of our scores from defence.

Jacob Heron:
Speedy didn’t have the same offensive impact he usually does, and was inconsistent with his defence. He competed well in some contests but needs to defend like that all the time. He needs to keep finding the ball to have more of an impact on the game.

Malcolm Rosas Jnr:
Mally had some great defensive pressure on the weekend, but not a huge offensive output. Playing in the forward line, he was involved in four scores. When he did get the ball he looked dangerous but needs to be more consistent in this area.

Patrick Murtagh:
It was one of Patty’s better games on the weekend with five score involvements which was great to see. Playing in the forward line he had a big presence in the air and around contests. He led well at the ball which is something he’s been working on recently.

Jacob Dawson:
Jacob defended well and made good decisions on when to impact the contest. He didn’t have the same impact he usually has offensively but still played his role as a small defender.

Sam Fletcher:
Sam played a mix of midfield and forward but had a quieter game. He needs to increase his involvement around stoppages to either help win the clearance or pressure the opposition which is something he’ll be focussing on.

Matt Conroy:
Sauce played as a forward and backup ruck to Zac Smith on the weekend. It was one of his more dominant matches in the air taking three or four strong marks. He had four shots on goal and could have easily finished with a bag of goals if he kicked straighter. Overall he’s developing well into a ruck/forward. 

Jy Farrar:
It was a standard game from Jy in the forward line, highlighted by his trademark pressure around the ball. He harassed his opponents and used the ball well when he had it to make an impact. His spread from stoppage was a feature of his game and this is the type of performance we want to see week in, week out. 

Hewago Paul Oea (Ace):
Ace had a solid game in the forward line with six score involvements. He continues to impact the game with his speed and is getting better with his disposal efficiency which is great to see.

Brayden Fiorini:
Brayden was dominant around the contest and was one of our best on the day. He had a standout game in the midfield and was great with his repeat efforts in the contest. Offensively he also had a big impact with eight score involvements. Brayden continues to play at a high standard when playing reserves level.