After an impressive return to pre-season training SUNS Media took the time to sit down with sixth year midfielder Brayden Fiorini on a range of topics, from what he got up to in the off-season to how the club’s newest midfielders have settled into the club.

2020 Off-season

Brayden, thanks joining us, how was your break and how was it to return to training with the whole group last week?

“It was good to get back, amongst the boys. We had a fair break over the off-season, which was good and it also gave me a good opportunity to target a few specific things that I wanted to change in my game,” Fiorini said.

“The main things were the speed and endurance, just build that tank obviously the game is getting quicker and quicker now and that was highlighted last year with the shorter quarters but individually for me those were the things that I identified going into the off-season.”

Was there anything specific you looked to do to help with those improvement areas?

“With the help of Alex Rigby and his team I tapped into a few outside resources with some of the other boys, it was good as we pushed each other along as well.”

“Gold Coast Run Club helped us knock over our endurance work and running programs. A lot of boys got down there and it was really good, running all together instead of in small groups or even by yourself so it made us all push each other a little bit more and it was really enjoyable.”

“The Vikings Athletics Club Coach Robo was another person who helped me with my speed work and running techniques and other things so hopefully I can look to implement those across our training.”

Pre-season 2021

Almost two weeks into pre-season now, how have you and the group found getting into work?

“Yeah, really good. Obviously, with all the hard work the boys have put in during the offseason, it was good to get a little reward for that, with over 75% of the group getting Pb’s in the 2ker (2km Time Trial.”

“Everyone's been doing the work in the offseason and it's built up a great foundation so there is a good base fitness there. Now we can just get into the skills and try more skills instead of making up ground and so forth. So, really, really proud of the boys.”

“It’s really good to see, this group’s the hungriest we've ever been, and everyone wants to achieve success together.”

“We know it’s just the start of the preseason, so we need to keep taking notes each session and trying to get something out of every session. It’s obviously a good start but there is a long way to go until Round 1.”

Have you set yourself any goals?

“In terms of goals personally, obviously last year I had a little bit of an interrupted preseason with my groin surgery and limited training sessions leading into the season, so I’m just aiming to get out there and train every session.”

“As I said before, trying to get something new out of every single session and that'll give me a good base leading into the season.”

“If I can tick off every session at 100% intensity, then hopefully that will hold me in good stead leading into the intra clubs and the trial matches.”

New Midfielders

There has been a couple of new recruits and draftees who have joined the midfield group, tell us a bit about each of them?

New Recruit Rory Atkins

“He brings a lot of energy and great voice out on the track and obviously he's still just coming back from shoulder surgery so he's easing himself back into it with the contact side of things, but I think his run and carry and obviously the left foot are going to be really important for us.”

Academy Graduate Alex Davies

“He's fitting in really well. Through the academy he's been around for a few years, so it feels like he has been a part of us for a while now. He's a big bodied midfielder, pretty raw still but heaps of potential and can't wait to see him.”

Number 7 Draft Pick Elijah Hollands

“He seems like a really driven character and really confident around the group which I love to see, he's already speaking up in meetings.”

“I think he just wants to get his knee right so he's going to be patient with that and he's been putting in the hard yards in the gym and running laps on the track.”


More importantly it’s been a big off-season for you off the training track as well, congratulations on your engagement to partner Molly.

“Yeah a bit happened in the offseason. I’ve been with her for nearly nine years now so it was good to get the knee dirty, she's really enjoying it up here, as I am as well.”

“She's really supportive and can be my harshest critic at times so it's good to come home to some honesty and obviously she keeps me grounded as well which is really good. I bounce off her and can’t thank her enough, she’s a really good support network.”

Thanks very much for your time, Congratulations and Good luck for the rest of pre-season.