Q1 SUNS v Lions 2.1.13

Q2 SUNS 2.4.16 v Lions 5.4.34

Q3 SUNS 4.6.30 v Lions 6.9.45

Q4 SUNS 5.9.39 v Lions 9.15.69

What you need to know

16 AFL Listed SUNS Players

7 Academy players

Elijah Hollands continued his recovery from an ACL injury and was relaying messages to the boys out on the ground as team runner. 

First Centre Bounce included Zac Smith, Alex Davies, Nick Holman and Jordan Murdoch. Jeremy Sharp and Brayden Fiorini lined up on the wings.

In Defensive 50, Jy Farrar and Jack Hombsch took up the key posts with Aiden Fyfe, Jez McLennan and Luke Towey all lining up in there.

Meanwhile forward of the ball, new recruit Jacob Townsend made his first appearance for the club alongside Matt Conroy, Josh Corbett, Malcolm Rosas Jnr and Hewago Paul Oea.

Alex Davies started the game on fire with four touches in the first two minutes of the game.

Jeremy Sharp kicked the second goal of the game with a snap from the boundary, 52m out off one step.

Half time What they said - Brayden Fiorini

“Not ideal down on the scoreboard but a lot to take from it. We’ve just got to be harder on the body defensively and then offensively we’ve got to be more direct. We’re playing around with it a little bit too much, that will be the key to the second half.”

Fiorini heeded his own advice in the second half finding plenty of the footy and finishing with two goals, one in each quarter.

SUNS Media’s Best – Alex Davies, Malcolm Rosas Jnr, Hewago Paul Oea, Jez McLennan, Jack Hombsch

Coaches Corner with VFL Head Coach Tate Kaelser

“Yeah, look it was a really good hit out for the boys. Obviously, Brisbane are quite a strong team as we've seen in previous years.”

“You know they play a really strong contestant brand of footy and there's probably glimpses where we showed some of the stuff that we want to do but there's probably also some stuff that we can obviously keep working on over the next couple of weeks before we get into the season.”

“They're you know a really good organisation they play really good footy and it's good experience for our boys to be able to you gel together.”

“The main thing we've been focusing on I think for me, it's more about the effort and energy that we bring for four quarters.”

“It's easy out on the training fields where you can stop and start drills but now these boys have got to compete for the four by 20min quarters, so continually just putting in effort and energy and practicing what we've been training over the past three months,”

On Alex Davies game, “Alex Davies was really good inside, you can see he’s a good solid kid, and he's contested stuff inside was really impressive today, we can see that he's going to take you know some great gains out of that and he's got some real promise for the future.”

On Malcolm Rosas Jnr, “Malley was really good on the inside, shows the speed and energy and is one that does a really good job and brings that energy.”

On Jez McLennan, “I thought Jezz was really solid down back as a halfback and now he's three years into the system, you can see that.”

“The older guys were important today too, led by example but also making sure their footy is heading in the right direction as well, we're  lucky to have those guys in there educating some of the younger boys.”