SUNS utility Nick Holman has a chance to create club history by becoming the first three-time champion of the annual SUNS Shout Out membership competition.

Holman is the favourite to once again claim the crown as the best membership salesperson at the club after winning in 2020 alongside SUNS AFLW co-captain Hannah Dunn.

The pair are the incumbent naming rights holders of “The Holman & Dunn Membership Centre” at the club.

Each year the SUNS hold a two-week SUNS Shout Out membership drive where players and staff compete to sign up as many new members as possible.

Last Shout Out was so successful it helped the club set an all-time membership record of 16,492 members, with just 509 members needed to eclipse that number 2021.

SUNS Media spoke exclusively to the reigning champion who enters this year’s race as the clear favourite once again.

“I’m very confident I can get the job done again this year and keep the Holman & Dunn Membership Centre thriving,” Holman told SUNS Media.

“Some of the boys have been trying to throw me off my game with some sledging in the change rooms but I am 100% focussed on selling these memberships.

“I know if I just stick to the process and take it one week at a time I’ll be able to execute the gameplan and get the four poin- I mean win the competition.”

In 2020 Holman sold a whopping 173 memberships, with his nearest competitor Alex Sexton trailing on 108.

Sexton told SUNS Media he was disappointed to be so far off the mark last year and was hungry to claim his first SUNS Shout Out victory.

“I’ve finished fifth and second in the last two Shout Outs so think I’m trending in the right direction,” Sexton said.

“Nick is getting complacent at the top and I think he’s vulnerable. I’ve got a few plans in place for this year which I think can help me get over the line.

“I want that crown.”

The SUNS Shout Out runs until Friday June 18 with the club currently sitting just below 16,000 members.

SUNS fans can show their support by signing up for a Shout Out membership from $29, and to have a say in who becomes the 2021 SUNS Shout Out Champions. 

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