Jordan Murdoch will hang up his boots this year as he turns his attention to support his wife.

Murdoch played 122 games across Geelong and Gold Coast in an impressive 10-year career.

Debuting in 2012, Murdoch was drafted to the Geelong Cats where he played 108 games spanning seven years.

Murdoch was part of strong Geelong side, making a number of finals appearances.

After being delisted in 2018, the SUNS acquired Murdoch in 2019 where he went on to play 14 games on the Gold Coast helping to develop a youth focussed club.

Speaking on his retirement Murdoch talked about the strong relationship he has with his wife and how it was now her time to shine.

Obviously, there is a number of factors but the main one was, that personally I felt I was ready to begin the next step of my life,” Murdoch said.

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Jordan Murdoch on his retirement

SUNS media chats to Jordan Murdoch about his decision to retire from AFL football.

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“My wife, Emma has followed me for 10-years and being incredibly driven herself, I think it is time for me to take a backseat and let her follow her dreams.

“She’s been incredible, we did distance for four years, my first four years in Geelong and obviously it was a tough time through that.

“She has been an incredible support mechanism for me throughout my career.

“She has made a lot of sacrifices and I couldn’t thank her enough.”

Having made his retirement announcement directly following a VFL practice match over the weekend, Murdoch spoke about how it was received by the group.

“A lot of the guys close to me already knew, I know that Jack and myself had already talked about it,” Murdoch.

“So I’m sure there were a few guys who already knew but I’m not sure it came as a big surprise, I’m pretty open with it the club.

“The guys went out of their way to make yesterday and the day we announced it pretty special and that’s the DNA of this club.

“It is a really caring environment and there is a lot of guys that I’m going to miss.”

Murdoch also touched on his first year at the club and how playing in the VFL has been a key feature of his time on the Gold Coast.

“Being able to put on the Gold Coast jersey and get a couple of wins,” Murdoch said.

“My first year here [2019], we were tipped to have no wins and then we went 3 wins, 1 loss to start the year.

“It was a pretty special time with new guys from other clubs building a chemistry there.

“My highlights have been seeing the development of the young guys at the club and chip with bits and pieces that I’ve learnt along the way, just try to help them.

“I have really enjoyed this year, being able to play with guys like Jack (Hombsch) and Jarrod Harbrow through the Reserves (VFL) but also together to try and bring along that next group of really talent young player as well.

“So that will definitely be a highlight of my time at the SUNS.”

Murdoch was incredibly grateful and thankful to the people around him that have enabled him to have a very successful career.

“My Mum and Dad have been incredible right from the start and they went above and beyond to invest in my footy,” Murdoch said.

“Countless five, six-hour trips to Adelaide for footy carnivals and being a support mechanism from then to now.

“My manger Adam Ramanauskas has been huge throughout the journey.

“Also, I think across all clubs, I have been really lucky to befriend a lot of fantastic volunteers.

“Absolute heart and soul of the clubs and they don’t get their dues as far as what they do.

Barry and Phil at the SUNS have been incredible

“There is a lot of guys at Geelong, Vic Fuller, who has now passed way but there is a heap of others that I absolutely love to bits.

“Without them footy clubs can’t continue to be.”