He’s still living just 400 metres down the road from his old school, but two years ago Max Spencer was walking to class, not AFL Community Camp as a SUNS player.

Spencer was one of five SUNS graduates who returned to Palm Beach Currumbin High School - which has built a reputation as an AFL football breeding ground in recent years.

“It’s great obviously to get back to the grassroots,” Spencer told SUNS TV.

“Obviously I’ve spent plenty of time here over the years (with) plenty of good memories, good friends (and) some good relationships with teachers.

 “It’s good to get back and see them again.” 

Palm Beach Currumbin was one of 19 schools visited by SUNS players on Tuesday throughout the Gold Coast.

For Spencer, it was a fantastic opportunity to give back to his old school and promote the game in a non-traditional football state.

“We try our best to get out there and really engage the community, get the fans some exposure to the players and really get around to try and grow the game,” he said.

“It is growing with the amount of female talent coming through the pathways now.

“I think getting the community involved really helps us in the long run because getting around them (gives us) more crowd attendance and more memberships and having that support there is really important for us.”

Coming through the Gold Coast SUNS Academy and playing QAFL and NEAFL football on the Coast, Spencer said it was a great honour to play AFL football in his home city.

“Playing for the local club is something I wouldn’t have really dreamed of being a young kid,” he said.

“It’s made it a lot easier to transition from under 18 development football straight into an AFL list.

“The SUNS being a new club, it wasn’t really a realistic expectation of mine up until the early stages of the draft.

“It’s obviously a great privilege and something I really don’t take for granted.”