The amazing community of SUNS members is what brings foundation member Sharon Edwards back each year to support the team.

Edwards is also a part of the SUNS’ Member Council, which is an initiative that allows selected members to represent the opinions of the SUNS member community.

“The role is to voice what we think about member events and suggest things that the club can do to make the fans feel more involved in the club,” Edwards told SUNS media.

“It is a great way to get to know other members who are as keen as you are, so it’s a wonderful thing.

“I feel very privileged to be in the first one and I feel that we did come up with some stuff that was helpful.”

Being a part of the Member Council also means that Edwards has the opportunity to hear key people speak on important issues about the club.

“It's also wonderful to hear from people that have come to the meetings like Craig Cameron who had a chat about how the (Trade Period) process works,” she said.

Not only is Edwards in the members’ council, but she is also an avid participant in the Sunscreamers, who dedicate their time to team-supporting efforts like banner making and creating a sense of community among other members.

“It really does feel like a community because I’ve made so many wonderful friends at the SUNS that I don’t usually see outside of the SUNS,” Edwards said.

Aside from the member community, the SUNS players also play a significant role in keeping the fans proud and connected.

“There's David Swallow, who I just adore. I adore his loyalty, his tenacity and his football playing ability,” Edwards said.

“There's Jarrod Witts, who stood up in 2018 and said he’s re-signed and committed, so who's coming with me?

“And then we have Touk Miller telling us how much he loves the SUNS and how he's going to be a SUN for life.

“This is the stuff that we – as members – see and go “yes, this is why we support this club”, because the more we hear this, the more we all invest.”

Edwards has many fond memories from her years as a SUNS supporter, such as cheering in the rain during a Sydney Swans game, to watching the iconic win against Richmond.

“Those boys are going to have to work hard to reproduce what we all felt after that Richmond match,” she said.

“It was the first time for a long time that Metricon Stadium felt like a cauldron, which was unbelievable.

“We were loud, and it was amazing, so it was just such a great feeling. I even had strangers hug me and the lady in front of me was crying.”

Edwards talked about how nothing can beat the atmosphere of a live game, when all the fans get to band together and share a win with their favourite team.

“I have a million good memories and we have a great time every week we go,” she said.

“This year, our goal is to get the Sunscreamers more involved and build that up, because that’s what helps build up the atmosphere at the grounds.”

Edwards has high hopes for the future of the club, as she praises the attitudes and values distinctive to the SUNS.

“We will be very successful because it's been built on such great foundations and I just feel like our club just has the moral compass in the right place,” she said.

“I love the direction the SUNS are taking by making it a family club and seeing on game day that there are kids running around everywhere.

“It’s pretty nice to be a part of a small club, where you can chat to the players, it’s a safe environment, and you really make a difference.”