Past and present Indigenous players who have pulled on the red and gold have been honoured in the commemorative 2016 Indigenous Guernsey to be worn this weekend in the AFL’s Sir Doug Nicolls Indigenous round.

A significant weekend in each Premiership Season, the Sir Doug Nicolls Indigenous round will see the Gold Coast travel across the nation to take on West Coast.

SUNS defender Jarrod Harbrow spoke of the significance Indigenous round holds for each Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander player in the AFL and the broader community.

“It’s obviously a week where we can celebrate past and present, and future, Indigenous players coming into our game. It’s all about our culture, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture, and it’s certainly a week that we enjoy,” Harbrow told the media.

“It’s all about educating the AFL world, the AFL community.”

Designed by a local Yugambeh man, the Guernsey incorporates a range of symbols to represent the Gold Coast whilst honouring Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island traditional designs. The official Recognise campaign logo also features for the first time.

The red background is synonymous with the traditional owners of the Gold Coast land, while the Guernsey’s side panels feature artwork representative of Torres Straight Islander culture.

“A local designer Luther Cora has designed this Guernsey, we wore the same one last year. There is a fair bit to it… it symbolises the Gold Coast and there are hand prints on the back that symbolise the 13 past and present Gold Coast SUNS players,” explained Harbrow.

The Gold Coats SUNS currently have seven Indigenous players on its list, Jarrod Harbrow, Sean Lemmens, Steven May, Jack Martin, Brandon Matera, Callum Ah Chee and Jarrod Garlett, the second highest in the AFL.

Further to the Guernsey, Luther has hand-painted each of the current player’s boots using totems from their individual heritage.

“It’s the first time he’s designed all of our boots, he’s done an amazing job again,” said Harbrow.

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This is the tenth year the AFL have celebrated Indigenous culture and players through a dedicated round. For 2016, the round has been renamed to recognise the significant contribution of Sir Doug Nicholls, the first Indigenous person Australian to be Knighed and ex-Fitzroy player.

For the opportunity to purchase the commemorative 2016 Indigenous Guernsey, visit our SUNS Shop. All proceeds go towards the Jarrod Harbrow Leadership Academy.