The Gold Coast SUNS today announced an important new partnership with RizeUp who become the club’s Major Charity Partner. 

RizeUp are a proud Gold Coast born organisation who work throughout Queensland and have recently expanded across Australia, providing support for our country’s most vulnerable families. 

An alignment with RizeUp will allow the Gold Coast SUNS to help drive awareness for domestic and family violence prevention within our community and generate life-changing, practical support for families in need. 

Since 2015 RizeUp have helped 999 families restart their lives and today they will reach the 1000 home milestone. In the 2019/20 period alone, 396 Queensland families have been supported including more than 900 children and young people. The organisation was able to help 67 Families with 109 Children on the Gold Coast in the past 12 months. 

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SUNS announce RizeUp Australia as official charity partner

The Gold Coast SUNS today announced RizeUp as the club's official charity partner and launched the Change5000 campaign encouraging 5000 people to donate just $2 a week.

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Gold Coast SUNS Chief Executive Mark Evans was on hand to make the announcement and help set up a home for an at-risk family.

“I’m delighted to announce our partnership with a Gold Coast founded charity, RizeUp, who do amazing work in helping people restart their lives as they move away from a violent situation,” Evans said.

“We’ve made a very deliberate attempt to try and use this period to mean even more to our Gold Coast Community.   

“We know there is much more to do in terms of education around domestic and family violence, but the most critical need now is to make sure people have a safe place to live. We’re pleased to help do that today and look forward to continuing that work moving forwards.” 

CEO and Founder of RizeUp Australia Nicolle Edwards expressed her excitement in what has become an exciting day for the organisation. 

“RizeUp is a community organisation, that drives awareness to domestic and family violence and connects the broader Gold Coast to a really practical response in helping the most vulnerable people in our community,” Edwards said.

“We are thrilled today to be celebrating not only our partnership with the Gold Coast SUNS but also marking the 1000th family home that we’ve created for a very deserving and courageous family who have left everything behind, to start again.”

Following the completion of RizeUp’s 1000th home, Mark Evans and Nicolle Edwards detailed the first initiative of the partnership; Change 5000. 

“Change 5000 will see both RizeUp and the Gold Coast SUNS come together to encourage 5000 people to donate $2 per week to ensure RizeUp can continue their life changing work supporting the next 1000 families whose lives have been devastated by violence,” Edwards said.

“We want it be focussed on local people helping local people, especially now when times are tough for so many, there are always those that are doing it tougher. Right here right now, you can be part of the change.” 

Evans encouraged GC SUNS members and fans to support however they could, be it by volunteering their time to RizeUp or by donating as part of the Change 5000 campaign.

In AFL you can tell a lot by the statistics and unfortunately the statistics speak volumes for people affected by domestic and family violence.

  • In 2020 alone, 23 Australian women have lost their lives and we’re only in the 24th week of the year. 
  • One in four women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to them
  • 61% of women had children in their care when the violence occurred

Within Queensland the statistics are higher than the national average and recent tragedies continue to highlight the prevalence in our society, and that’s why the Gold Coast SUNS have committed to RizeUp. 

As Major Charity partner the club will work with RizeUp across a number of different initiatives, including, fundraising, volunteer support, community engagement and by utilising the club’s multiple digital platforms to drive awareness. SUNS players and staff will work closely with the staff and volunteers at RizeUp Australia to help those most in need. 

Earlier this year the club underwent an extensive process that engaged over 200 community groups to help identify a partner that with a focus on making an impact on issues throughout the Gold Coast Community.

Click here for more information on RizeUp.