SUNS Senior Coach Stuart Dew believes the club is well-positioned to handle greater expectations this season after a deliberate internal raising of the bar during the pre-season.

After an impressive Marsh Community Series, the SUNS slumped in Round 1 before soaring in Round 2 to claim victory over West Coast.

Dew said the club was no longer satisfied with an honourable loss and was ready to make the next step to challenge every team they came up against.

“Our time is now and we’re more than capable,” Dew said.

“We’re not here to just compete and do all the fluffy stuff, we’re here to win and get four points like every other team.

“The fact that we’ve shifted that dialogue internally, that just marries up with external so I think we’ve been on the front foot with that and we think we can handle the external stuff as well.”

Next up on the radar is Adelaide who the SUNS will play this weekend at Metricon Stadium.

Dew said the club had to quickly reset after last week’s win for what he expects to be another tough assignment.

“We beat them in the Marsh and that means nothing with this group and their group,” Dew said.

“You just can’t look back these days, even in a normal season when you play teams twice the result from the earlier game doesn’t mean anything.

“So we’re making sure our guys understand that if we bring our best and what we’re capable of we think we can win.”

This week will be the first match this season that Gold Coast fans will have the opportunity to witness their team in action.

On Wednesday the Queensland State government announced stadiums could host up to 2,000 people this weekend in a COVID-safe environment.

Dew welcomed the announcement and said it added an extra element of desire for the players to perform well again, this time in front of loyal SUNS members.

“It’s just great to have people back at the footy,” he said.

“Whoever the lucky 2000 are that get to come and watch live elite sport on the Gold Coast, it’s fantastic for us and it’s fantastic for them.

“Again, there’s a responsibility there for not only the 2000 that show up but all our other supporters that are watching it on TV. 

“We’re aware of that and we want to make sure we consolidate.”