Who is our club's fastest player? Who is our best gut runner? 

Thanks to Champion Data and the Telstra Tracker, AFL.com.au has compiled the key numbers.

Check out the results below: 

Season records
Total distance covered for season 2019: 4021.1km (4th)
Total distance at high speed for 2019: 541.6km (7th)
Total sprints for season 2019: 2864 (16th) 

Single-match records
Total distance single-match record for each club: 301.7km v Geelong, round 10
Total distance at high speed single-match record: 42.6km v Greater Western Sydney, round 11
Total sprints single-match record: 301 v Greater Western Sydney, round 11

Summary: The SUNS can take pride in their figures. To be ranked fourth and seventh respectively for total distance and total sprint metres run in the competition is a credit to a mountain of work from a young team. 

Distance kings – average distance covered per match (minimum of two matches in 2019)
The SUNS forwards really work hard with their top three all playing in the front half of the ground. Josh Corbett and Nick Holman are known endurance men, but Alex Sexton's inclusion is a huge tick for a guy that has improved year after year.

1. Josh Corbett: 14.82km per match
2. Alex Sexton: 14.48km per match
3. Nick Holman: 14.10km per match 

Distance kings – single-match records for 2019
The round 11 thumping from Greater Western Sydney has provided two of the top three performances here, led by Gold Coast's annual time-trial king Josh Schoenfeld. Fellow wingman Wil Powell also did well to rack up almost 16km on a terribly wet day against Port Adelaide.

1. Josh Schoenfeld: 16.26km v Greater Western Sydney, round 11
2. Wil Powell: 15.95km v Port Adelaide, round nine
3. Josh Corbett: 15.90km v Greater Western Sydney, round 11

Speedsters – highest speeds recorded in 2019
Not only good at distance, Alex Sexton is the SUNS' quickest in-game player. Charlie Ballard's prominence is a slight surprise give he's 195cm and still developing strength to match his height.

1. Alex Sexton: 33.69km/h v Western Bulldogs, round three
2. Charlie Ballard: 33.62km/h v North Melbourne, round 12
3. Jarrod Harbrow: 33.37km/h v Carlton, round four